A Sioux Falls Minister Recalls His Struggles with Alcohol!
If you're battling a substance abuse addiction right now and don't believe you will ever overcome it,  check out this story!
Kirk Flaa of Sioux Falls begged God to take away his addiction to alcohol and He did!
"It was just like a flood of relief---instantly the desire to drink…
I Love Life: A Sioux Falls Woman’s Recovery from Drugs
As a youngster, Teresa Peratt lived with a family of witches.
“I was born and raised in San Diego, California.  My grandmother was a practicing witch.  She had the gift of automatic writing.  My mother had a gift of prophesy.  My sister is a six-generation of witches in my …
I Love Life: A Real Survivor!
When she was 18 years old, Kami Scott wanted to be the life of the party!
"I would say I was lost.I hadn’t experienced a lot of acceptance in high school and I was looking for a place to be accepted. I found that life in the bar scene was where I felt comfortable
I Love Life: Surviving Alcoholism
Dave Jansa of Sioux Falls, who has been sober for more than 25 years, says at the height of his addiction he felt like a teenager!
"My maturity level was that of a 16 year old and that's about when I started using alcohol.  What I learned later through Face It Together here in Sioux Falls and re…

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