I said hello to a long lost friend Sunday afternoon. While I was putting a few things together with my wife for the Superbowl she asked, 'hey, is it nice enough to grill outside today?'  I looked out and didn't see the trees moving too much so I decided that we could give it a run.

I pulled the deck door open and moved old trusty around away from the deck. I opened the lid and thought it looked like someone else had used the grill before me. I 'think' someone did. When I noticed that the valve was still turned on, it didn't matter if someone else had used it or not. I was out of gas.

My oldest son Jake is back for a few days (truck driver) so we headed up to the Holiday Gas station to pick up a new tank. On the way, we were visiting and we got to wondering if it would cost significantly more to get propane.

If you have been watching national and regional stories you know that prices on propane have skyrocketed. Dan Collins recently wrote a story about propane prices.

I was glad to see that the price wasn't too much higher than I had expected. (Hi to Sandi at the station. Good to see you again!)

So, we picked up a few more items and headed home. Hooked up with new tank and got to grilling some burgers!

Man, I forgot how much I enjoy grilling. The smell. The timing, the watching to make sure things get cooked evenly.

This time of year, we resort to soups and other comfort foods and it's easy to get away from the summer and warmer weather routine of grilling something out on the deck for the family. I miss it.

As much as I miss it, I can't help but looking at the calender thinking, it won't be long and we'll be doing this all the time.

Oh, that grill? She's been through a lot. During a wind storm, she blew down 14 steps off the deck. A couple of replacement parts from Weber and we were off and ready to go for another 7 years of grilling.

How about you? Do you like Grilling? Did you get out and do a little burning over the weekend?