For you Dads reading this, if you have a daughter you might want to circle on your calendar the second Sunday in August.  That's always 'National Daughter Day.'  Having a daughter of my own, she'll always be my 'Little Girl' no matter what her age.   I have noticed over the years that, at least in the case of my daughter, the older Jesse gets the more she wants to hang out with her Mom...and that's okay.  It's as though they've become 'Best Friends.'  Are there time when I may be a bit jealous? bet.  But guys, don't doubt for one minute how much your daughter loves you.  She may not express it on a regular basis, but you know there will be time somewhere down the road when she's going to need who?...her Daddy; that person she can always rely and lean on and will always be there.  Here in a few weeks my daughter will be heading off to attend her first year of college.  (Wow, where did those years go?)  After that it'll hopefully be a career she enjoys and maybe even a walk down the isle with someone I'll welcome with open-arms into the family.  If you're like me, I dream of the day when I get to walk my daughter down the aisle on her wedding day.  But until that time comes, cherish those special moments.  Like celebrating 'National Daughter Day' this Sunday.  Maybe take your daughter for a walk or go out on a Father-Daughter date.  It doesn't have to be something elaborate and expensive, just something memorable.  Before you know it guys your little girl will be all grown up and raising a family of her own, and all you'll have left are those precious, wonderful memories.  PS  Love you Jesse!  Dad