Clothes can help make - or break - a first impression, especially this time of year.

According to a poll, the majority of men like women to show off their legs, and 92% like seeing her in a short skirt.

Slacks are okay, but the color matters.  Over 80% of the guys surveyed like women to wear white pants.

And the big sunglasses are out, and 63% of the guys have a thing for braided hair.

Guys might want to invest in some polo shirts, khakis and shorts.

More than 90% of the women polled like polos and khakis on their guy, while 87% also like polos with shorts.

However, the Hawaiian shirts should probably stay in the closet, since 82% of women surveyed don't like them on men.

But guys should wear something above the waist.  Eight out of ten women believe a man should "never walk around shirtless," even if he has chiseled abs.

Three quarters think a guy looks hot in aviator style sunglasses, while visors rank right up there with Hawaiian shirts as a fashion faux pas.