Not getting enough sleep is bad no matter how you look at it.  It lowers your alertness and ups your anxiety, it messes with your immune system and now there evidence that is may be partly responsible for you packing on the pounds. One expert says the best place to start is with your feelings about your bedroom.

According to Psychologist and sleep specialist Dr. Michael Breus:

  You should assess your bedroom by looking around it and seeing how it makes you feel.


Things like too much light, to little or too much noise, and your choice of mattress and sheets all affect how you sleep.


There are some practical things you can do as well.  Put a 40-watt bulb in your bedside lamp, listening to ambient noise or turn on a fan, and invest in a quality pillow that fits you and your sleep needs to make your bedroom more sleep-friendly.

Oh yeah, and no eating.  Leave that in the kitchen!