I'm having a hard time remembering an invention that has attracted so much negative attention while transforming the world we live in more than cell phones.  Over the years there have been a half dozen or so medical conditions associated with handheld devices, and cell phone use has led to numerous accidents and near misses so bad that laws have been passed limiting, or in some cases, eliminating their uses in certain places.

Now new scientific data shows your cell phone might be making you itch. Researchers analyzed 75-cell-phones to see which models contain two common allergens - cobalt and nickel.  Here's what they found:

Flip phones contained the most nickel, and in the category of smart phones the Blackberry was the only model to contain either of the allergens.


According to the Mayo Clinic, if your skin is in contact with the metal too long you could develop an allergy to it.

Last I checked cell phones don't come with warning labels, but if they did, the warning label might take you longer to read than the owners manual.

Anyone think they're allergic to their cell phone?