(NPN) --South Dakota’s job creation growth has slowed to below the national average according to statistics complied by the Arizona State University School of Business.

January 2013 to January 2014 saw a national non-farm job creation rate 1.77 percent. South Dakota ranked 42nd among the states at 0.64 percent.

A look at South Dakota’s two Metropolitan Statistical Areas—Sioux Falls and Rapid City—was more dramatic.

NPN graphic, used with permission

The ASU statistics show a job growth rate of 1.36 percent in the Sioux Falls MSA during the same period and no growth—0.0 percent—in the Rapid City MSA. These numbers put Sioux Falls 42nd in the nation and Rapid City 160th out of over 300 MSAs.

Sioux Falls showed an increase of 1,900 jobs to 141,300 and Rapid City showed no increase, remaining at 60,300 non-farm jobs year to year.

North Dakota continues to be among the national leaders in job growth, coming in second among the states at 3.41 percent job growth and 14,600 new jobs. The Bismarck MSA grew 2.24 percent, the Fargo MSA 2.66 percent and the Grand Forks MSA 0.72.

Percentage job growth and ranking for other Northern Plains states: Minnesota, 1.93 percent, 17th; Iowa, 1.42, 24th; Wyoming, 1.25 percent, 32nd, Nebraska, 1.15 percent, 34th and Montana, 1.11 percent, 36th.

Nevada had the highest percentage job increase at 3.54 percent while New Mexico had the lowest at -0.48 percent.