(NPN) -- Federal budget sequestration in 2013 cost 239 South Dakota families their subsidized housing vouchers, according to a new study.
According to Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, some 70,000 fewer low-income families used housing vouchers to rent private housing in December than a year earlier.
CBPP’s projections, based on new Department of Housing and Urban Development data, show that low-income seniors, people with disabilities and families with children continue to feel the effects of the across-the-board sequestration cuts, which started last March.
“We estimate that roughly three-fourths of state and local housing agencies have had to shrink the number of families they help due to sequestration, which cut funding for the Housing Choice Voucher Program by nearly $1 billion last year,” according to CBPP’s Douglas Rice.

Here’s the sequester’s impact on Northern Plains states’ families: South Dakota, 239 families, 6.36 percent reduction; North Dakota, 258 families, 3.9 percent reduction; Minnesota, 1,994 families, 6.36 percent reduction; Nebraska, 671 families, 4.3 percent reduction; Wyoming, 62 families, 2.54 percent; Iowa, 1,425, 6.76% decrease; and Montana, 510 families, 9.02 percent.