Sometimes it’s good to stretch your horizons occasionally.  Meeting new people on a holiday weekend can open your eyes to what is in our midst.

It was a tense first exchange as two boys got in a skirmish in the sand.  When the combatants cooled off, the parents got a chance to connect.  She did not intend to become a celebrity so a pseudonym will be used instead.

“Kimberly” is a goat herder.  Not one or two, but a few dozen.  Plus, she wants to add some sheep into the flock.  If you could imagine hundreds of people around an aquatic facility, to bump into someone directly involved in agriculture would be very remote.  You could even compare it to a needle in a haystack.

Beyond the farming aspect, it’s refreshing to interact with a responsible adult who can understand that kids are going to disagree.  She was concerned that she was stepping on my toes as a parent.  There are times that when the action is more important than who takes responsibility.