Weekend snow in the central and eastern United States was another reminder that seeing spring on the calendar doesn't mean you're going to see spring-like weather when you look out your window.

Snow in the Sioux Falls area hasn't amounted to much--more of an annoyance than anything else, and not enough to fire up the snowblower for. In northeastern South Dakota and adjacent areas, though, it's been a different story for many people.

A church acquaintance was telling me he had tulips, daffodils and other spring flowers coming up at this time last year, but not this year.

But as dry as our winter has been, others around the United States have it worse, especially fruit farmers and others who are worried about their crops because of snow and cold weather. It's a concern, even for those who find out later that they don't have to worry.

I've also heard about producers in the Carolinas who are taking steps to save their strawberries.

It all goes to show, I guess, that nature is in charge, and in the final analysis there's a lot that we can't control.