What I immediately noticed, when I moved to Sioux Falls, is that people take their lawns VERY seriously.

Soon, I expect to see homeowners in their yards looking for those little green shoots. Or I'll meet them out buying trimmer line. Or they'll be taking their blades in for sharpening. You get the idea.

This week on "How's It Growing", we'll be talking about Spring lawn care. Here are a few of the tips we'll be offering.

Now's a good time to pick up sticks and branches, but the heavy raking should be put off.

When it's time to plant or over-seed, choose a high quality seed. The decision to have a lawn is a big investment, not only of products, but also of your time. Select a mixture that's right for your yard requirements and your region. It's always a good idea to use the best at the beginning, allowing for the best possible result.

Debbie Graham\Results Radio

Even though you may have already gotten a fresh can of gas for the mower, hold back a little. You may do more harm than good at this point. Those roots and grass shoots are tender and the soil beneath may be too wet for heavy equipment. It could not only cause compaction, but tear up your turf.

Children and pets are always rolling around on the lawn and a more natural or organic regimen of lawn care will benefit both. Fewer chemicals on your lawn will attract more birds, a natural pest control. Earthworms will come in and their casing will help to fertilize, while their movement under the soil can help aerate. Natural lawn care may take longer to show results, but the long term pay-off is something we all can live with.