It’s been a week and a couple of incidents show the freshness of wounds left by the Connecticut massacre.  Aberdeen and Sioux Falls had mild incidents of note that were sparked by people who were acutely aware of possible danger.

Episode One:  Aberdeen Central High School

A student saw a person in a vehicle with a gun that featured a long barrel.  All public schools were locked down for about an hour due to the threat and the elementary and middle schools at the private Catholic institution were on lockdown status, too.  Neither the vehicle, the suspect, nor a weapon was found.

Episode Two:  Empire Mall Sioux Falls

Police were called after a teenager carrying a gun was spotted by shoppers inside the mall.  After questioning, it turns out the weapon in question was a non-lethal pellet gun that fired plastic pellets.  The juvenile did not threaten anyone and it was not immediately known if the person had recently purchased the item at the mall.  What is somewhat encouraging in these stores is people are looking out for each other.  When potential danger looms, it is confronted instead of allowing it to fester.  This provides an excellent example of human actions that protect from possible danger.

The core issue could be in the means of protection.  Here are your choices:  1) Pay a guard to watch over you and your possessions.  2) Depend on the police or other security organization to protect.  3)  Prepare yourself for impending danger.  Most of us cannot afford number one.  Most people choose number two.  The police cannot be by your side 24/7, so they are off doing other things until danger comes.  Some choose the third option and are comfortable to having weapons available at the time of need.

Evil lurks in the shadows.  When the darkness eventually passes over, let’s hope your protection is close at hand.