Health care is big business here in South Dakota.  Recent information points to the fact that more Americans than ever now have access to health care, but the quality of this care varies greatly from state to state. has ranked all the states Health Care in categories like, Number of Hospital Beds per Capita, Number of Dentists per Capita, Physician Medicare Acceptance Rate, At-Risk Adults Without a Routine Doctor Visit in Past Two Years.

When they factored in all of their criteria and came up with 2016’s States with the Best & Worst Health Care here is how South Dakota and our neighbor states ranked:

  • Minnesota: 1
  • South Dakota: 3
  • Iowa: 4
  • Kansas: 6
  • Nebraska: 10
  • Illinois: 17
  • North Dakota: 19
  • Missouri: 23
  • Wisconsin: 24

Alaska was ranked last at 51.