Many people in the United States think that South Dakota is just open prairie and frigid temperatures. Yes, we do have open prairie and as this past winter has proven, some pretty cold temps.  But contrary to what people think about South's a great state to live in!

I don't need to remind the residents that this great state is home to Mt. Rushmore, the Badlands, Crazy Horse, the Corn Palace and Falls Park.  South Dakota is definitely full of great history, places and people.

But leave it to the fine people at Movoto Real Estate to try pin-point the top 10 places in South Dakota to call home.  After collecting data and looking at pictures of places from around South Dakota, Movoto Real Estate has found that of all the places to live in the state, their top choice is Brookings, South Dakota.
The 10 Best Places in South Dakota By Movoto Real Estate

Movoto used data that included population (they were looking for places that had more than 3,000 residents), quality of life, unemployment, commute time and weather (temperature and air quality).

If your hometown didn't make this Top 10 list by Movoto Real Estate, it still might have done well on the list. See how your hometown scored from their list below.

Movoto Real Estate/ 10 Best Places To Live