Thursday, Oct. 4th, Federal Judge Lawrence Piersol will hear arguments from lawyers for convicted murderer Donald Moeller about the state of South Dakota one drug protocol to carry out the death penalty. His lawyers contend the one drug protocol could result in unnecessary pain and suffering for Moeller.

The state Supreme Court is also hearing arguements this week on death penalty issues, involving the murder of prison guard Ron Johnson, by inmates, Eric Robert and Rodney Berget. The cases, while separate, are intertwined because of the method which may be used to terminate the life of Donald Moeller.

We talked about the death penalty during Viewpoint University, receiving several calls and this email:

"Hi Rick, I have to respond to your comments and I agree wholeheartedly. I was listening to the news on the way home from Sioux Falls and when I hear “their” comments about not wanting the man any pain, I wanted to slap them!!! Apparently there was and is no thought to the pain, cruelty, suffering, travesty he inflicted on this poor little child and he certainly has not paid for this nor has he suffered any of what that poor child suffered and what her parents have gone through since then. I am appalled that “they” would even consider such a thing. When he committed that heinous crime he gave up all his rights and I say, let him suffer in all ways possible. I would not make that experience a pleasant and pain-free one. I would like to see the man suffer some pain for what he did to her and to her family. Other than that I really have no comments on the matter!!!


This is obviously a hot topic. My feeling is this: Since Mr. Moeller is now willing to accept the punishment of death for murdering Becky O'Connell in 1990, he should be willing to accept the method used to carry out the sentence. Case closed.