Tuesday's mission:  Rock The Vote!  South Dakota's Secretary of State Jason Gant used a series of stops in the eastern sections of the state to spread the message to college students about voting.  There's an election coming in case you hadn't heard.

Gant spent some time in Brookings before two stops in Sioux Falls, then leaving a trail of dust leading toward Vermillion.  Attendees at institutions of higher learning are the prime targets to get involved in the process of choosing our leaders.  These students are of a certain age and presumably driven to achieve which presumes that if they put themselves in the category of voter now, they will be life long voters.

However, it's not like you can show up on Election Day and vote.  Registration is the first step and that was the main thrust of the efforts by the head election officer in the Rushmore State.  We can't keep number 44 or move to number 45 without following the proper channels.  So the push is heading toward October 22nd, when the registration deadline arrives.

It is time for action and college students have been called to stand. The message is for all legal U.S. citizens.  First you register if you have not done so. Then inform yourself, make your choice and put that selection in the ballot box.