The never-ending battle that is the appropriation of money within the Federal Government dies down slightly with the vote over the New Year’s Day holiday.  However, the can will have to be kicked again in March when the debt ceiling will once again be reached and the threat of default arrives.  There has got to be a better way to solve the money problems in Washington.

In Pierre, those battles are just as fierce.  Nonetheless, the South Dakota Constitution mandates that the budget be balanced.  To that end, an amendment to the Constitution recently approved by voters further solidifies the frugal use of state funds.  Deb Peters a State Senator from Hartford, South Dakota knows full well what battles will be fought over the state’s budget.  She says the wording that was approved to amend the state Constitution was mainly to improve the state’s bond rating even though South Dakota balances its budget every year.

State Senator Deb Peters Gives Details On Balanced Budget Amendment

Just imagine if the Federal Government would have that limit placed upon it.  Taxes are projected to be this number of dollars, so the budget cannot exceed that target amount.  Sounds dandy as a concept, but the freedom we’ve given Washington to implement programs, buckle to citizen’s demands or distribute to organizations that lobby for tax dollars is immense.  The nation has to recognize that the Federal government is too large for what its citizenry can afford.

Deficits run in the trillions of dollars per year, so an abrupt stop to this would be extremely shocking to the system.  Treat it more as a pendulum that has reached the outer stretches of its arc and must start heading back the other way.  A yearly deficit of 500 billion dollars may not sound feasible now, but with effort that number can continue to shrink.  Then finally that kicked can is eventually deposited in a proper receptacle.