All you coffee drinkers out there get ready to party!

Never again will you need to wake up to that annoying alarm clock sound. Instead you can spring out of bed, ready to start a new day with a cup of your favorite freshly brewed blend in your hand.

Check this out; there will soon be a combination alarm clock/coffee maker on the market.

Imagine never having to run to the kitchen again to make your coffee, because it will be sitting right next to your bed waiting for you once you get up. It's a dream come true right?

A designer in London named Josh Renouf just created an alarm clock that wakes you up by brewing a cup of coffee.

Sure, there's a ton of coffee makers that brew on a timer. But how many are designed to sit by your bed and double as an alarm clock?

This thing looks kinda funky too. It's shaped like your basic digital alarm clock, but with wood paneling and something that resembles a fancy chemistry set on top. It even has little drawers to store all your sugar packets and cream containers.

Here's the deal, it isn't ready quite yet. Renouf is still in the process of having them manufactured.

Hopefully they'll be done in time for you to get one on your Christmas wish list. Be advised, they won't be cheap. If you want one, be prepared to spend around $250.00. And that's just for the base model.

Source: Time