Laws against distracted driving have been around for many years. The surge in cell phone and texting use and the increase in tragic accidents as a result, has prompted a local group of concerned citizens to propose an ordinance to the Sioux Falls City Council to ban texting while driving. The recent death of a motorcyclist caused by a driver who was driving nearly twice the posted limit of 30mph and texting, has made the passage of this ordinance certain. 

I used to call and answer calls when driving. Changed that behavior several months ago. Would read texts whle driving and when sitting at lights would try to respond. Changed that behavior after having horns honked behind me to start moving again. I don't  need an ordinance to make changes, although the mistakes I made while driving were a wake up call. I can multitask. However, talking on the phone and particularly texting take my mind away from the important task at hand, driving safely.

Two friends, one male about 35, the other a female about 45, separately confided in me, they need an ordinance ban on texting to stop them. Both understand the distracted laws on the books. Both text anyway.  They will stop texting  when it is specifically prohibited.  My friends are college graduates, hold responsibile jobs, are married and have children. They have no criminal record or other signs of civil disobedience.  She would be considered a soccer mom, he a Mr. Mom. The human psyche is interesting.  If two people I know and respect tell me they need a law banning texting or they will continue, I guess you, and I,  have to face reality. Pass the ban on texting. Then get ready to do something with other electronic device uses also.