Are you like me? Were you a Liberal Arts major? Did you study creative writing or music or god forbid broadcasting in college? Are you bad at math? Or maybe you are young person on the cusp of adulthood with a world of possibilities laid out before you, and you plan on studying art history. Then, of course, you plan on getting a job in the lucrative Explaining theThe Difference Between Monet and Manet business.

You will find, like all us Liberal Arts majors have, that pottery class doesn't translate to pottery cash...or something. Sure, who among us was not bewitched by an English major with dark eyeliner, glasses, black pants, Doc Martians and clove cigarettes. The long, late night bull sessions about A Clockwork Orange while listing to your dad's Beatles records made you think you could change the world. And trading Monty Python quotes made you think you were funny enough to be a stand-up. But alas, no one was there to warn us about the grim reality of the world (I mean besides our parents, teachers, other students and guidance counselors.)

Be warned young one, if you are contemplating a field of study in the arts you may want to think on that for a bit. Perhaps you need to be Scared Straight!

"When you're the oldest person working in The Coffee Bean you come find me, and tell me you don't drink yourself to sleep."

Our friends at Buzzfeed have produced this helpful public service announcement that all college students should see. Watch below. And get better at math.