Normally, if you take a day off on April 22, you don't expect to have to spend part of your day moving snow.. It's almost late April, for crying out loud.

But I'm living proof that it can happen. Because it did.

There I was, taking the day off after a Sunday night commitment, and the snow began. and it kept up. And kept up.

Around mid-afternoon I started to think about when Sharon came home from work (she didn't have the day off). We'd had quite a bit of snow, and I didn't want her to have trouble getting into the garage. So on April 22, 2013, around 2:40pm,  I fired up the snowblower and cleared the driveway. It was wet, heavy snow that didn't go far when it came out.

Our next-door neighbors had done the same thing, but the snow didn't stop.

By the time it all ended, we had about as much snow on the driveway as I had cleared off a few hours earlier.

But it's going to melt, so I'm leaving the rest.

Still, I'm glad I used the snowblower, even if it was on April 22.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.