Just our luck. We finally get some snow, not a lot in the Sioux Falls area, but areas to the north of us got more.

The National Weather Service and the South Dakota Department of Transportation say some parts of the state had as much as a foot of snow over the weekend.

Long stretches of Interstates 29 and 90 had to be closed so crews could clear the snow away.

But State Climatologist Dennis Todey at SDSU Extension says even the areas of farm country that had between 5 and 10 inches won't see much impact on their drought conditions.

Todey says the ground was either frozen or near freezing when the snow fell.

He says the snow was fairly liquid, so when it melts, it will contribute about an inch of moisture. But farmers who need moisture for their winter wheat aren't getting it yet.

So we'll keep watching, to see what happens.