For some students, school has started for the 2012-2013 year, and for others it won't be long. And that means motorists everywhere will need to shake their summer driving habits.

Sioux Falls police, and police everywhere for that matter, will tell you the speed limit in a school zone is 15 miles per hour when children are present.

Some schools in the city are on busy streets, with Lincoln High School on South Cliff Avenue just one example. That stretch of Cliff is also the route to work for many, but being in a hurry doesn't mean you don't have to slow down. And the law doesn't care that you're on your way to work.

So instead of 30 miles per hour around schools, the speed limit is 15 when children are present.

Just so you won't forget, the SFPD will have officers watching schools in the city during the second full week of classes, August 27-31.