It was on this date in 1974, the 55 mile per hour speed limit was imposed across the country.  Since then however, many of the states have opted to raise their speed limits.

Be honest, do you have a tendency to speed?  If so, you're not alone.

A survey by AAA shows that 70% of Americans on the highway at any given time are speeding.  But is speeding worth it?  Not really.

Besides being dangerous, speeding just doesn't get you anywhere.

According to the National Traffic Safety Institute, most people's driving consists of short trips.  And on a five mile outing, you save only 43 seconds by going 70 miles an hour instead of 60.

On a 10 mile trip, you save only one minute and 26 seconds; and on a 15 mile drive, just two minutes and nine seconds.

Not exactly worth a ticket, is it?