The mid point of the week has arrived.  My double-duty service at two ends of the clock is half over.

If you’re wondering, I’m all right.  It’s actually interesting that I’ve been able to wake up before the alarm in the early morning.  My voice is a bit of a concern because it’s getting used a little more than normal.

The mental toll is more pronounced than the physical strains.  However, I know myself well enough that if I try adding caffeine to my system that’s a disaster waiting to happen.

Thanks to Todd Epp for being my co-host in the faculty lounge at Viewpoint University  and to Gene Hetland for his contributions to the morning news during the Main Street Cafe.  Plus it’s fun to interact with the audience during my allotted time on the air.  Smilin' Simon keeps feeding me those Kid's Jokes like a champ.

Excuse me for a moment.  Feel a nap coming on.