A strong Southwesterly flow brought temperatures up about 10 degrees higher than initially forecast.  As a result significant joy came to the Sioux Falls area with the unexpected warmth.  Compared to the chill experienced yesterday, 16 degrees above normal is quite a gift.  The afterglow will be short-lived as temperatures fade back closer to normal for the rest of the week.

Such a heated condition brings the thoughts of record high temperatures.  For November 13, the top of the scale in Sioux Falls was 79 reached back in 1999.  Also every record high during the month in Sioux Falls according to the National Weather Service was in the 60’s or better.  Three days in the eleventh month stand out for not measuring up to the rest.  The 23rd, 29th and 30th only got as high as 60 on those respective days otherwise every other record was 65 or better.

Next precipitation to hit the area appears to be Saturday into Sunday.  After that comes through, it will be cold again with highs struggling to get above freezing.