Mild, moderate, extreme and exceptional are some of the words used to describe the lack of moisture and the types of drought this part of the country is enduring.  In fact when you pore through the numbers, some astounding points come to light.  By the way, all facts herein are tabulated by the National Weather Service in Sioux Falls.

For one it is the well-known fact that the meteorological summer from June through August was the driest ever in Sioux Falls.  Plus a record low month of all time in July was tallied at .24 inches.  Even more amazing is that .23 of that came on July 28.  Imagine if not for that little shower, Sioux Falls could have seen a total of .01 for July which is downright frightening.

Mind you, these are the official totals from the Weather office near the airport.  One half mile or even a couple of blocks from there could have had a different result.  There was one instance this summer where the Airport got a little rain, but an area closer to 69th street about six miles away got nearly two inches.

Other revelations from this year's lack of precipitation include the last time over an inch of rain was recorded at the Bureau.  Got a guess on when that was?  How about February 28.  That is 225 days and counting since the last rain of that magnitude.  Which brings this weekend's forecast to the forefront.  If the predictions hold, we could break that string of days between large rains.  Otherwise the next precipitation synopsis will be about dries years ever.  Lord, have mercy.