A Sioux Falls Graduate of Roosevelt High School, January Jones is at the TOP of the trending world right now.  Oh, it might be one of those topics that you might 'not' want to be on top of the trending world for.  I just spotted this:

According to the New York Daily News:

Liam Hemsworth, 26,  reportedly sent actress January Jones, 35, a racy text behind fiancée Miley Cyrus’ back alleging he wanted bed the “Mad Men” starlet, according to an Us Weekly report.

So much for being a big star.  You're not only under a microscope, you're under a POWERFUL microscope.

"The story of Liam Hemsworth and January Jones is entirely fabricated by Us Weekly. There is no truth whatsoever to this tabloid fiction," according to Hemsworth's rep.

I'm a big fan of Jones, we've been following her career for years. I remember talking with her dad Marv when he used to work at the 'then Wood Lake Athletic Club' located just down the street here on Tennis Lane in Sioux Falls.

Who would have thunk that she would rise as far as she has in the world of acting. And the attention being a star brings with it!