Sioux Falls transportation planner Sam Trebilcock was on The Patrick Lalley Show on Wednesday talking about our status as a bicycle friendly city.

The press conference announcing the status from the League of American Bicylists was this morning. The result? We're a bronze status city, which were before so no change, but it's good news anyway. It means this city is still moving forward in terms of on- and off-street facilities for bicycles.

We'll talk about the news on the show today with the Weird Cyclist, who attended the press conference, at about 3:30 PM.

And you can hear the interview with Sam here, it's about half way through the show.

Here's a breakdown of the improvements Sioux Falls has made to maintain the bronze designation.

Since 2010, the City of Sioux Falls has invested more than $5 million into off-street bike trails and completed 42.4 miles of on-street bicycle projects.

Bike trail investments include the complete reconstruction of three stretches of the trail: 12th Street to the Great Plains Zoo, Yankton Trail, and Tomar/Spencer Parks (Minnesota Avenue to Cliff Avenue). The key components of these reconstruction projects include wider and smoother trails, better drainage, and improved sightlines.

Other bike trail investments include two new station points near the Sanford Sports Complex and West 49th Street, six bike trail traffic counters, 16 informational kiosks, and six new trail spurs at Dunham, Elmwood Park, Johnny Carino’s, 49th Street, East 41st Street, and Farm Field and Western Avenue.

The City of Sioux Falls averages six miles of on-street bicycle projects each year. Projects in 2017 included:

  • Sidepath along Western Avenue near 69th Street
  • Sidepath along Veterans Parkway from Maple to Rice Streets
  • New sharrows on Bahnson Avenue from 10th to 18th Streets
  • Sharrow placement on Lake Lorraine Drive

Maple Street Cycle Track from Career Avenue to Valley View Road

  • Major on-street bicycle projects since 2010 include:
  • 193 blocks of new, wide sidepaths
  • 145 blocks of new bike lanes
  • 8 pedestrian underpasses to prepare for future trails
  • 160 blocks of sharrow placements

 A new trail corridor is scheduled for next spring between Dunham Park and the Big Sioux River dam crossing. This mile of new trail construction will provide a direct connection to the main trail loop between West 12th Street and West 41st Street that will serve the more than 40,000 residents who live west of I-29 in Sioux Falls. This along with other trail projects will grow the off-street paved trail network to 30 miles.

Since its inception, more than 800 communities have applied to be a Bicycle Friendly Community, and the five levels of the award—diamond, platinum, gold, silver, and bronze—provide a clear incentive for communities to continuously improve.

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