South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard has proclaimed September as Recovery Month in South Dakota calling upon all South Dakotans to recognize individuals in recovery. Kevin Kroger of Sioux Falls is one of them.

Kevin first tasted alcohol when he was in the eighth grade!

"I had an uncle that allowed me to get drunk for the first time. At the time, that was fun. I went to school hung over and really sick---not knowing what it was going to lead me to."

It didn't take long before Kevin experimented with a variety of drugs.

"Marijuana, acid, cocaine and more cocaine. The only thing I didn't try was heroin. Thank God I didn't because of my addictive personality. Everything else I tried. I would never shoot up any drugs. During the final phase of my addiction, I found myself using needles because I got higher that way."

In spite of the alcohol and drugs, Kevin became a successful businessman.

"By my early 20's I was doing really well in sales and made pretty good money. Cocaine and Meth were back in my life. The people I admired were doing drugs, I figured if they're doing cocaine and other drugs---there's nothing wrong with that."

Kevin's addiction was totally in charge of his life.

"I stopped at the bar around 7:00 in the morning. On my way to work, I would do some coke so nobody would know I was drinking. After an work for an hour, I would go back to my car and do some more coke. Just spinning out of control. I guess I was really lucky. I was in my 20's making a six figure income and spending the money. I remember my mom (who owned the company) saying she never understood what was going on. I would borrow money from her and yet I was making more than her. She couldn't understand why I couldn't make my mortgage payment."

No doubt about it! Kevin's life was in turmoil.

"I just couldn't  live my life having three car accidents while in treatment. I'm thinking there was a problem. For being such a smart guy, I couldn't recognize something was not right.  Three car accidents in one day. At that point, I got a divorce and began working on my sobriety. I lost my house due to foreclosure and the mistakes I built up at that time. I lost everything! I had nothing!"

And it was then when Kevin asked for help and got it.

"Although I grew up going to church, I can't quote you a Bible verse. But, the church I started going to made me feel good. I kept wondering why I was getting through everything. It was obvious it wasn't me. It was somebody greater. God was putting these people in my life---my recovery and church friends. They don't just see me on Sunday. I see them during the week. I've been able to see God growing in my life."

Now in recovery, Kevin Kroger tells me: With Faith, nothing is impossible, without  Faith nothing is possible!