In response to the Arkansas realtor who was attacked and killed, many Sioux Falls Realtors are determined to follow safety procedures to keep them from harm.   Imagine sitting alone at an open house with pictures of yourself on signs all around the neighborhood pointing to the fact that you could be alone.  Brook VerMer with Keller Williams shared a portion of the safety plan she's enacted:

I think it is very important to have our procedures for safety just like any other profession. When you want to see a home my policy is to meet in the office first and make sure you're pre-approved for your loan or have met with a lender before I take you out to show you homes. I don't think anyone can argue anymore that this is a must and a safety procedure. When I meet you in the office we will have a buyer consultation as well which will educate you about the market and help us understand what your needs are. With the age of technology and so many people finding us online, we have to be extra careful. Even after meeting in the office I make sure someone knows what homes I am showing, who the buyers are and their contact information as well.

As Realtors we have those risks and we must make sure we feel safe doing our job that we passionately do!

Years ago I was selling advertising to an individual with a business in his home.  I was okay stepping in and standing by the front door.  His invitation to see something in the basement was politely declined.  Even the illusion of a large, quick sale shouldn't be a temptation to put aside your safety plan.

Regardless of the line of work you're in, visiting clients alone in a private location could be made safer  by bringing someone with you, choosing a meeting place in public or at least checking in with others to let them know you're okay.