A mob of people was walking down the street one day all armed with guns.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.  Some look at a scene such as that and view it as the decline of civilization.

Here’s the honest truth about the gun owners who carried in the open on Saturday in Sioux Falls:  They have a burden of proof to bear.  God bless you for exercising your rights guaranteed to you in the Constitution of the United States of America.  However, guns are not toys.  Carrying a weapon requires knowledge of what it can do if used both properly and recklessly.

Do we ban fire because it jumps containment and does damage to possessions and people?  Hardly.  Nonetheless, someone who is bold enough to carry a gun out in the open should be able to answer some polite questions regarding intent for the weapon.  Conversely, someone who legally owns a firearm is not automatically a second-class citizen.

Let’s have the debate about whether the Second Amendment to the Constitution is relevant in the United States of America.  On Saturday, a group of people spoke loud and clear that there is value in the private individual keeping and bearing arms.  If that should not be the case bring your best rebuttals and may the best man win.  When the argument is over, we can adjourn without malice.