Call it fate. Call it destiny. Former alternative secondary school educators Dan Finch and Louisa Soli-Holt call their meeting and journey together a powerful example of synchronicity that has taken them from Sioux Falls, to Colorado, to the Pacific northwest and now to Hawaii where they are continuing to play shows and raise money for their dreams of recording their first full length album to follow up their EP called 'Finding The Four', which was released in the summer of 2013.

Now the duo, who play under the name The Copoetics, have teamed with a Beresford, South Dakota video production company called Wholly Cowen Cinematography. The Cowens saw a show that The Copoetics played and instantly realized that this duet was different than anything they had heard before.  That night, the gears began to turn inside The Cowens’ creative collective as to how to produce a documentary about these two wonderful musicians. Within a week, both couples met and the rest, as they say, is kismet.

Now, The Copoetics, with help from Wholly Cowen Cinematography, are producing a documentary to be called 'The Copoetics: Love and 11 Strings' which is highlighting the making of Dan and Louisa’s first full-length album.  The film is currently in production, with principle photography scheduled to be shot from March 21, 2014 to March 31, 2014. Once the film is complete, Wholly Cowen Cinematography will submit it to the Sundance Film Festival to make its world premiere in January, 2015. Both projects are set to be released shortly thereafter.

Like every creative endeavor, this project needs help to get off the ground.  The Copoetics and Wholly Cowen have launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the album and the documentary.  Anyone interested in supporting this project can click here.

“Through music we are grateful to learn that it is in giving we receive; thus, we give ourselves to the music of our souls and to the experience of opening the pathways between the souls of us all. It is along these pathways we can meet as poets of our own unique existence, contributing to the writing of one another, to the creation of an entirely new poem. We are each other’s poets as much as we are our own, Copoetics of this life, this living, this love.”

The Copoetics have also been featured on The White Wall Sessions. Plans are in the works to have them back for season 2 as well.