(Dan Peters/KSOO)

Multiple cultures, colors and languages continue to filter into Sioux Falls. The largest city in South Dakota is a magnet for people regardless of origin.

Juan Bonilla is president of the Sioux Falls Diversity Council. The council is a non-profit organization that helps all the diverse cultures with integration into the community. Bonilla says that 135 languages are now being spoken in Sioux Falls. That diversity is common throughout the Midwest.

Bonilla Notes The Continuing Diversity in Sioux Falls

The Diversity Council will host a conference at the Sioux Falls Convention Center on Wednesday. Basically the impetus is to be proactive for residents of the city and prepare them for the influx of people from other countries. Bonilla is not under the impression that everything will be smooth. It will take time and effort to help people understand their new neighbors.

Bonilla Explains The Council’s Mission

According to Bonilla over 400 people are registered for the conference which is a record. Bonilla says it is a sign that diversity is being embraced by the community.