While at the Convention and Visitors Bureau on Thursday, the organization's Executive Director, Teri Schmidt, was excited about an upcoming event in Sioux Falls!

"It's called the 2015 Rocky Mountain International Roundup," Teri tells me.  "This is the first time the event will be hosted in Sioux Falls and it is the largest single hosting of international tour operators in the history of the city."

Teri told me the International Tourism Show participants will be from around the world.  "About 200 tour operators from Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, Italy and others will be here in Sioux Falls.  It's a big deal for us!  This is our chance to really showcase our community to bus tour groups from all over the world."

Teri says the International Tourism Show offers many opportunities for Sioux Falls!  "It's another area of growth for us.  We have seen a lot of international traffic at Falls Park.  We know many folks from different countries love to visit...and this event is the first chance to really bring these tour bus operators here, introduce them to the city and book future business."

The Roundup will take place the week of April 12-16, 2015.