Nearly forty years have passed since the inception of The Co-op Natural Foods in Sioux Falls.  It has become a place where people search for healthy food options and items that are locally grown.

Back in the early days you would fill product out of bulk bins into your own paper sack.  In our fast-paced world, we barely even look at the ingredients on the label, even though every product is required to have all contents listed.  Millions of people consume these products with funky ingredients and don't know what they are.

An example of a mystery component to your diet is Xanthan gum.  This compound is found in mostly sauces and salad dressings as an agent of thickening.  What it does is allows the user to pour it out of the bottle and keep the rate of pouring consistent.  Also it allows you the salad dressing to cling to the lettuce leaves in your salad instead of run to the bottom of the salad bowl.  To make this compound, you ferment a certain type of sugar with a bacteria, then separate the part you want with isopropyl alcohol, then dry it into powder form.  Thus your science lesson for the day.

It doesn't mean that these things we put in our bodies are good or bad, they are necessary to be able to produce food on a large scale.  With a local natural food option, the chances are generally better that the food you choose is healthier.  The body reacts better because it isn't breaking down chemicals not neccessary to its function.  Then possibly, the mirror also approves when it reveals the figure it shows when you stand in front of it.