On Fridays at Viewpoint University, we allow people to do shameless promotions of upcoming events.  Most of those events comprise of local fundraisers and people who are trying to make a difference in the community.

This particular evening we got a tip on something special.  The Sioux Falls area was represented at Soldier Field in Chicago by a couple of West Point cadets.  Their mission was to be part of a group that sang the National Anthem prior to the football game between the Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans.  The game itself was one of the marquee matchups of the National Football League this weekend, but since it is also Veteran’s Day these cadets were given an important mission.

There are only eight men in this choir called the Knight Caps.  Steven Brown is from Brandon and Joey Johnson is from Sioux Falls and a graduate of O’Gorman high school.  Congratulations to these fine young men for their accomplishment and many thanks for their service to their country.  Listen to the conversation below for more details.