What's going on?

Ag Lending Increasing
U.S farm banks increased agricultural lending by nearly 6 percent, or $5.9 billion, to $106 billion in 2017
How Much Is A $1,000 Bill Worth?
It seems like a simple question.
What is a thousand dollar bill worth? Well, hold on a minute. Are there really even any thousand dollar bills?
Yes, yes there are. But if you're selling your used pickup and someone wants to pay with a few...
Dow Plummets
Even though it was expected, it can be scary! The main thing to do, is not to panic. Stay the course. Even put more money in if you can.
Gas Prices on the Rise
You may have noticed gas took a bit of a jump this week. I saw gas priced at $2.65 running around yesterday in Sioux Falls for unleaded.