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Hey Mom And Dad Have A Night Of (Not Video) Game Playing
OK, so your kid can beat you at basketball. That kid can whup you in boxing, baseball, football and in a whole bunch of things that you don't even know (or can't remember) the names of.
He or she is a video game wizard.
But how about in a good old-fashioned game of Old Maid...
Fire and Exploding Tanks at A-OX Welding
Dark smoke could be seen billowing into the western Sioux Falls sky as sounds of exploding tanks echoed through the evacuated radius from a fire at A-OX Welding
South Dakota's Best Under A Grand: Alpena, Population 286
It hasn't always been easy over these past 135 years or so. There's been ups...and there's been downs. But if you want to stop into one of South Dakota's finest communities with a population'Under A Grand', you'll want to say hi to the folks in Alpena...