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Does Deodorant Help Soothe Bug Bites?
A listener sent me a text message that deodorant would help with my super itchy bug bites. It sounded goofy to me but I was willing to try anything.
Coffee Good, Beer Bad. Pfffft.
Lots of people have a love affair with coffee. I’m one of them. I also happen to like beer so I’ll just take what the health experts say with a grain of salt.
Avera Health System Names Its New CEO
The Sisters of Avera Health have named their new CEO to lead the organization into the future. Bob Sutton will step into his new role Monday June 18.
$30 Million Medical Facility Open House Set For September 30
A big medical upgrade is coming to the Pierre area this fall. A new $30 million medical facility is scheduling an open house event for the public on September 30, with clinics due to open sometime in October.
According to the Pierre Capital Journal the building will house a $12 million cancer center.…