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Tips for Dealing with Holiday Stress
If someone tells you they have no holiday stress in their life, they're lying. Here are some tips for dealing with it. (The stress, not the lying).
To Avoid The Flu Avoid The Coffee Machine
I love me a good cup of coffee in the morning. Ok, ok, I love me good cups of coffee in the morning, and just about any other part of the day.
So when I saw on The Sun website that the good 'ol coffee machine was a place to pick up the flu bug I was a bit startled...
New Childbirth Class in Sioux Falls
A new option for childbirth classes has been announced in Sioux Falls, Certified Birth Boot Camp childbirth educator, Paige Goldadeis launching Birth Boot Camp.
Sanford Creates Veteran's Club
Sanford Health is creating a Veteran’s Club in Sioux Falls. The Club will be available for all Veterans while receiving care.
How to Quit Smoking - For Good.
I quit smoking on December 15th, 2011 and never looked back. Here is what I would recommend for those about to quit.
Does South Dakota Need To Lose Weight?
We here in South Dakota may not be the slimmest, trimmest bunch in the country, but we're not doing to bad. Here's the state by state rundown.
Stress and Pain Study
A recent study found that despite recent advances in preventing post operative pain, most patients still get stressed out about how they'll feel after surgery.