If you have the ability to hack computers why not use your talents to make a lucrative living? Why use your talents for evil? It's kind of the quandary of the comic book super villain. Why not just take them smarts and get yerself a big buck gig on Wall Street?

I can't image how much time and energy this alleged cyber crook would have had to put in to commit these awful crimes.   According to ABC News:

 19-year-old California man was arrested on charges of alleged “sextortion” for hacking the computer of the reigning Miss Teen USA in an effort to blackmail her by threatening to make public images of her naked, the FBI said today.  Jared James Abrahams of Temecula, Calif., surrendered to FBI agents and was charged with extortion and cybercrimes, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller told ABC News.com.  Abrahams is accused of hacking the computers of several young women, including Cassidy Wolf, 19, also a Temecula resident who was crowned Miss Teen USA in the Bahamas in August. An analysis of Wolf’s computer revealed “evidence consistent with malware and remote administration tools later linked to Abrahams,” according to the FBI.

Again, what the heck? Why not take that geek knowledge and get an honest job at some high paying computer tech firm? Hopefully they will vanquish this geek to eternity in the Source Wall on the edge of the Promethean Galaxy.