The sheer volume of changes in Washington D.C. along with considerable tension between opposing political parties has caused some delays in the approval process for U.S. Senators.

Senator Mike Rounds acknowledges the problems with the pace and calls for cooler heads going forward.

“Take a deep breath. Let this President get his feet on the ground. He’s having some challenges with some of this to be expected. Any time you’re starting a new administration and changing out 1,200 decision makers over the next nine to twelve months, it does take time. Not everything’s going to be perfect.”

For the most part, Rounds along with most South Dakotans agree with the Trump Administration’s direction with room for a few exceptions.

“I think most people in South Dakota agree with a lot of what he’s trying to do. Some things are going to be controversial. I’m not agreeing with everything that he’s doing, but a lot of his actions are things that most people in South Dakota want to see happen.”

Rounds attributes a lot of the strain to the shock of Trump’s election win along with Republicans being able to control the Senate.

Along with all the cabinet positions that need confirmation from the U.S. Senate, hearings for Supreme Court Justice nominee Neil Gorsuch will begin in March.

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