In his quest to visit every population center in South Dakota during his campaign, Rick Weiland is now at a significant milestone.  On Wednesday in Freeman, Weiland tallied number 200 with 111 to go.

Beginning in May of this year, Weiland made his intention known to seek the seat vacated by Tim Johnson.  By July his initial strategy was set on going to every nook and cranny in the state to meet with folks.

He gave a brief recap of his mission during his visit to Freeman that was sent out through a campaign press release.  "The smart money laughed in July when we told a handful of people in Dell Rapids we were going to take on our opponent’s nine million dollar campaign by visiting every one of South Dakotas 311 towns.

"They chuckled in August when we reported to a nice sized little group in Custer that we had visited nearly 100 towns and were asking people to join in the fight to take back their government.

"In October, when we told a couple of hundred folks in Sioux Falls that people all across South Dakota were fed up to the gills with big money politics, and were joining our fight in droves, they went silent.  And when we added that the latest polls show we have closed from 27% behind to just 6% in only 4 months they were ashen.

“Freeman is the 200th town I've visited.  And I'm asking you all here the same thing I ask everywhere I go.  If you are satisfied with the big money controlled government we have, then I'm not your man.  If you want to fight to take back that government, then join me."

Weiland is the only declared Democrat in a crowded field that includes Republicans Annette Bosworth, Stace Nelson, Larry Rhoden and Mike Rounds along with Libertarian candidate Kurt Evans.