My daughter Erin is definitely a retro person.  She loves the retro look without being retro kitsch. She is not afraid to stand out from the crowd.  I love that quality in her.

Over the weekend, she told me one of her childhood friends is getting married this summer and she plans on wearing a retro style women's hat to the wedding ceremony.  Trying to visualize it, it sounded classy.

When we go out to dinner with her and Jim, she sometimes makes it a point to wear some of my mother's or my grandmother's jewelry.  I'm proud that she likes it enough to wear it.  My mother and grandma no doubt would be proud that she is being a faithful caretaker of things that brought them happiness and joy in their lives.

Erin found a new bicycle at Target and probably used her gift cards to get it.  It's been quite a few years since she had a bike, and she has definitely outgrown her Schwinn.

Erin called and asked if I would be able to take it home for her.  I dashed over in the pickup, anxious to see her choice.  Sure enough it had retro styling all the way from the frame to the basket on the front to the reflector on the rear fender.

Jim and I quickly loaded it and brought it over to their apartment.  I snapped a picture to show my wife Lori.

Lori absolutely loved it!  She gave Erin a bracelet for Christmas which was made out of retro coat buttons.  Erin raved about it!

I'm glad the women in my life have similar tastes and interests.  They get along wonderfully together which makes them both a wonderful joy in this man's life.