(NPN) -- It isn’t just North Dakota’s oil rich Bakken fields that have shown a dramatic increase in production. Oil and gas production in South Dakota’s Harding County in the extreme northwest corner of the state has also shown a significant increase from 2000-11.

The USDA’s Economic Research Service recently compiled a map of production reports from across the United States. While perhaps not unexpectedly, many of North Dakota’s Bakken counties each showed an increase of $20 million or more in production, so did South Dakota’s Harding County.

Harding County saw a 42 percent increase in oil production and a 17 percent increase in natural gas production from 2000 to 2011. The USDA also listed two other South Dakota counties with limited oil and gas production—Custer and Fall River. Custer showed an 837 percent increase in oil production while Fall River showed 36 percent and 42 percent decreases respectively in oil and gas production.