Now, I'm not the biggest pro football fan you'll ever run into, but I do watch.

And even the casual fan can watch a game these days and tell that something is wrong.

I had a high school coach who used to say, "Send a boy to do a man's job and you get a boy's job done."

So what does it mean when high school and college officials are called on to work NFL games?

Well, you get chaos in some cases.

With the real NFL officials locked out and replacement zebras in their places, the NFL seems to be protecting itself and backing up the officials, even the ones who made that controversial call Monday night when Seattle and Green Bay were fighting it out, and fighting for a pass.

In the final seconds, Seattle's Russell Wilson threw a Hail Mary that receiver Golden Tate and Green Bay safety M.D. Jennings both caught, and it was ruled a touchdown for the Seahawks.

One little irony that I liked was when Seattle coach Pete Carroll said afterward, "The tie goes to the runner." Um, Pete, that's a baseball analogy. But never mind.

By the way, the people who keep track in Las Vegas say at least 300 million dollars changed hands on that final call.

Now they're hitting football fans where they live.