The passing of Neil Armstrong brought back memories for anyone who was around at the time, and like me, you've probably read a lot about him in the days since his passing.

It turns out there were other things he preferred to be remembered for, and he was uncomfortable with the fame the moon landing brought him.

But while we might try to go along with that wish, the memory of watching the lunar landing in July 1969 is what I will always come back to.

I was 18 years old and between high school graduation and starting college. My brother, a cousin and I had been at the drag races that Sunday afternoon, and we got home in time to see Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon.

We talked about what it must be like to be there, and we wondered if there might be some sort of contamination that they would bring back with them.

Our questions and discussions were probably like those going on in other living rooms around the nation and world. But the idea that the US could send up a rocket, put a capsule into orbit around the moon and then send two astronauts to the surface of the moon still amazes me today.

So here's to you, Neil Armstrong. You will always be remembered.