Several days ago, I read a newspaper story about what the reporter refers to as the latest trend in drug addiction---users actually mixing meth and heroin together!  I didn't know it was happening in Sioux Falls---until I talked to Joanie, a recovering user and current staff member of the Keystone Treatment Center. Here's what Joanie told me:

"Heroin for many years was kind of a back alley drug. It was not really prevalent here in the Midwest.  You usually saw it taking place in the bigger cities. But, now it's progressing. The high that we're getting with the meth and heroin is a hundred thousand times more than what you would normally see with just straight meth. And, yes it is taking place in Sioux Falls."

Joanie says the combination of meth and heroin is extremely dangerous.

"It takes hold right away. It's not anything that you can ease into or you can try once and then walk away from the two drugs. This sucks you in immediately."

Joanie encourages drug users to get help---before it's too late.

"Reach out a hand! Somebody is always willing to be there for you. Whether it's a complete stranger, friends or family. It only takes saying 'I'm out of control. The spiral has to stop."

From personal experience, Joanie says it is possible to recover from a drug addiction.