Falls Park is becoming more popular since the rain that hit southeast South Dakota and the surrounding area, with people from in and out of Sioux Falls driving to the park to see the water rushing over the Sioux Quartzite.

But the day before the storm was a busy day at the park also.

On Sunday, June 15, the Sioux Falls Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB) says it counted 2,965 people at the Falls Park Visitor Information Center.

The CVB says it's the highest tally in a single day since the center was opened in 2001.

The old record of visitors in a single day was July 31, 2010 with 2,781.

The actual number of people in the park might have been more, as the CVB estimates that only 1/3 of visitors to Falls Park actually enter the Visitor Information Center.

And with flood waters pumping up the volume at the Falls of the Big Sioux, parks officials say sight-seers should stay on the paths and not get too close to the water.